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Citibank Fsb ABA Routing Number 321171184
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ABA/Routing Number: 321171184
SUITE 2340
CHICAGO, IL 60606-0000
(201) 242-2207
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The last reported ABA Number for Citibank Fsb on 11-02-2005 is 321171184. According to our bank database, this bank location is a main office and servicing FRB number is 321070104. There are several Citibank Fsb routing numbers reported in our bank database. Please call (201) 242-2207 get an accurate routing number for your bank wire transfer, reorder Citibank Fsb checks or setting up direct deposit. You can also get your Citibank Fsb routing number on your check, view sample check to locate your ABA number.

CITIBANK FSB routing number
Note: The Citibank Fsb routing and account numbers may appear in different places on your check.


Mojock - 12/17/2013
I am looking to purchase a second home. Received the portfolio ARM details as well as the required documents per federal regulations from the bank.

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